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    Yes, I know this page doesn't match the others -- I felt that the black background was more in keeping with my peculiar sense of humor and morbid personality.

    Since I'm not very good at talking about myself, this page has been a struggle for me to create. But, after much thought, I decided to put my résumé (yes, I need some work -- if you have anything I might be able to help you with, please email me) and some links on it, and hope at some point to think of something else to add here. This page is also the home to the long overdue poll, conducted in the name of furthering scientific research on the cutting edge.


Where does it hurt when you eat ice cream too fast? *

* Over the years, driven in the name of science, I've come across people who hurt in their temples, jaw, roof of mouth, throat, nose (!) and back (!!). To my dismay, all these people are members of my family. ;-) Given the array of body parts chosen, I'm curious as to whether other people .. um .. hurt in weird places when they eat ice cream too fast. If I get enough responses, I'm going to put the whole wealth of information into the hands of a statistician, who I hope will write a ground-breaking thesis illuminating this long-hidden subject. Special honorable mention goes to my niece Susan, whose temples hurt when she eats ice cream too fast and whose back hurts when she eats something hot too fast. I want to buy her Baked Alaska just to watch her eat it.


My mission statement is a simple one: I am experienced in a broad cross-section of creative disciplines, both visual and verbal, which work in synergy to bring a fresh, energetic perspective to any task I seek to undertake.

Technical Skills:

Comprehensive knowledge of computer hardware, from legacy mainframe systems to personal computers. Comprehensive knowledge of computer software, especially graphic design software, web layout software, digital video software and desktop publishing software. Specific titles include Adobe Photoshop and Premiere and Macromedia Dreamweaver.

Work History:

Graphic Designer, Osborne Design & Development (November 1991 - present)

Design Group Supervisor, Teccon Circuit Corporation (May 1983 – November 2000)


AA, Northern Essex Community College (1979-1981)
University of New Hampshire (1981-1984)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology / Lowell Institute (1983-1984)

Weird links (not to be confused with the résumé, or at least, I hope not):

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