early apo pics


new -- early rev of a fractal flame music video (6.3 meg real media file) and what might be the final rev (6.6 meg real media)


Lizbeth's wonderful script has led to the creation of a couple of small fractal flame animations, here and here. Both are about a half a meg.

24 Jan 2005

Another fractal flame music video, this time in windows media format, 11.7 meg, for which you'd use the windows media player v.9. Also a real media version, 7.5 meg.

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Apophysis-041212-105a Apophysis-041212-110c Apophysis-041212-204a Apophysis-041212-206m Apophysis-041212-306a
Apophysis-041212-105a.jpg Apophysis-041212-110c.jpg Apophysis-041212-204a.jpg Apophysis-041212-206m.jpg Apophysis-041212-306a.jpg
Apophysis-041213-105a Apophysis-041213-402d Apophysis-041214-325b Apophysis-041214-344d Apophysis-041221-102c
Apophysis-041213-105a.jpg Apophysis-041213-402d.jpg Apophysis-041214-325b.jpg Apophysis-041214-344d.jpg Apophysis-041221-102c.jpg
Apophysis-041221-114 BigBang Butterflied Calligraphy ElectricFigsOnFire
Apophysis-041221-114.jpg BigBang.jpg Butterflied.jpg Calligraphy.jpg ElectricFigsOnFire.jpg